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New Partners at MAQIT

It is with great pleasure that we announce the arrivals of Vincent Koller and Gilles Poncin, the newest members, to join our team at MAQIT!

Vincent will be managing MAQIT's IT Advisory service. He will help clients define IT strategies and align them with their business vision and the resulting implementation process.

Vincent has extensive expertise in systems transformation, merger, and migration projects. He has worked with banks, fund administrators, and transfer agents. As a consultant to many Luxembourg-based companies, Vincent has been involved in helping financial institutions document their IT roadmap, select "off the shelf" enterprise software, implement it, and manage change throughout the organization.

Before joining MAQIT's team, Vincent was a partner at KPMG, where he was the head of technology within the advisory practice.

Gilles will be in charge of MAQIT’s strategy and operations consulting, focusing on public sector entities as well as SMEs. He will help clients work better and smarter, leveraging the benefits of digitalization.

Gilles has extensive experience in public sector and SME consulting, having been a partner at KPMG and, more recently, at Deloitte in Luxembourg.

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