MAQIT provides Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorist Financing compliance services to financial institutions, FSPs, electronic payment institutions, virtual currency operators, accounting professionals, real estate agents, office centers, Freeport operators and all other economic parties subject to Luxembourg's anti-money laundering legislation.

Fields of expertise

  • AML/CTF risk assessment, AML policies, onboarding process, ongoing due diligence and risk management processes

  • Assessment of current AML/CTF framework

  • Design and set-up of AML/CTF procedures, risk-based-approach and risk assessment

  • AML/CTF regulatory watch

  • Transaction monitoring

  • Provision of resident independent directors and RC (Responsable du contrôle) with an expertise in the field of risk management & AML/CTF compliance

How we can help
  • Design and review of your AML policies

  • Regulatory watch services

  • AML & KYC training

  • Support in your due diligence processes (clients, investors, professionals, counterparts)

  • Support in specific financial transactions

  • Assessing your vulnerability and strengthening your AML and risk framework

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Thierry André

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