Regulatory and Compliance Advisory

MAQIT has extended experience and a long track record of providing end-2-end services to a diverse range of clients in the Financial Service Industry in an ever changing landscape of European regulatory legislations. Our dedicated team of specialists provide critical support and solutions effectively, fast and tailored to your specific needs.

Fields of expertise

  • Application process for an EMI, PI, Support PSF or any other financial sector license at the CSSF in Luxembourg

  • IT and Cloud Computing regulations in regards to the financial industry

  • Expertise in IT Policy writing, including:

    • BCP

    • DRP

    • Security policy

    • IT development policies

    • Risk Management policies (RAR and Rapport Descriptif)

    • IT infrastructure and security domains

  • GDPR regulations

How we can help
  • Assessment and documentation of your IT architecture set-up, risk management processes, IT governance, IT policies and security procedures

  • Identify and address any/all IT regulatory gaps by performing a gap analysis regarding circulars on cloud computing, risk management, IT outsourcing, and directives.

  • Reporting on gap analysis with best practice solutions and a tailor-made action plan

  • Assistance of cloud set-up of IT environment including: contractual parts and migration project, with a special focus on regulatory compliance

Training on ICT related risks

Information and communication technology (ICT) risks are an inherent part of the risk spectrum of today's financial institutions, which are now required to run their daily operations through the use of information and communication technologies.

Therefore, proper management of ICT risks is essential to avoid any negative impact on the financial institution's operational activities and jeopardize its profitability.

​MAQIT's training aims to provide financial institutions with guidance on various topics related to ICT risk.

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