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MAQIT provides its customers with access to KYCTech, an advanced due diligence software providing detailed reports on clients, investors, counterparties, and intermediaries. You can quickly scan and receive information on physical persons or corporate stakeholders instantly

The KYCTech platform helps companies comply with regulatory requirements and prevent financial crimes such as money laundering and terrorist financing. It simplifies the process of collecting, verifying and maintaining accurate customer information, facilitating companies' compliance with KYC regulations.

KYCTech features include

  • Automated verification process of customers, whether individuals or companies

  • Secure data storage and management 

  • Integration with third-party data sources to verify customer information

  • Risk-based approach to KYC, enabling companies to prioritize high-risk customers

  • Regular monitoring of customer data to detect any changes or suspicious activity

  • Automatic assessment of risk level using a matrix included in the platform   

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