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Meet The MAQIT Team

Our commitment lies in increasing operational resilience and reducing complexity, creating a more sustainable working environment

Our team of highly-skilled professionals is dedicated to providing the most up-to-date solutions for regulatory compliance. With our innovative services and solutions, companies can rest assured that they are in compliance with industry regulations. Get in touch with us today to find out how we can help you stay compliant and simplify your regulatory compliance process.

Luc Maquil.png

Luc Maquil

Managing Partner

Digital Transformation and Regulatory Advisory

Thierry André.png

Thierry André


AML/CTF Advisory - KYC

Vincent Koller.png

Vincent Koller


IT Advisory

Gilles Poncin.png

Gilles Poncin


Strategy and Operations Advisory

Dominic Welter.png

Dominic Welter

Senior IT Advisor

Regulatory IT Services

Cyril Cassagnes.png

Cyril Cassagnes

Senior IT Advisor

Regulatory IT Services

Simão Almeida.png

Simão Almeida

Senior Compliance Advisor

Regulatory IT Services

Robert Krier.png

Robert Krier

Senior IT Advisor

Regulatory IT Services

Yves Glodt.png



Senior IT Advisor

Cloud Solutions

Omar Turki.png




Regulatory IT Services

Pauline Keviakoe.png

Pauline Kueviakoe

Senior Advisor

Regulatory IT Services

Julie Receveur.png

Julie Receveur

Junior Advisor

Regulatory AML Services

Letizia Grassi.png

Letizia Grassi

Marketing Manager

Magdalena Lucas.png

Magdalena Lucas

Office Manager

Michel Maquil.png

Michel Maquil

Member of the Board

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