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Circular Economy &

Sustainability Advisory

As a forward-thinking company, ESG criteria and circular economy principles are key topics that we are involved in. We firmly believe that we need to change the basis we do business and move from a linear to a circular economy. Our commitment lies in ensuring that you are compliant with and ready for the new EU ESG-driven regulations and creating ESG-driven strategies for your investments.

Fields of expertise

  • Sustainable finance

  • ESG investment strategy

  • Circular Economy business model

How we can help
  • Compliance with ESG regulations

We ensure that all financial players are compliant with the European Commission's regulations:

  1. Regulation (EU) 2019/2088 (compliancy deadline 10th March 2021)​

  2. EU Taxonomy Regulation

  3. ESG-driven amendments to AIFMD and UCITS directives (planned for Q1 2021 to take into force Q1 2022)

  • Strategy for ESG investments

We support financial firms to develop a business strategy in relation to any new outbound regulations, and to build an investment-oriented strategy.

  1. Operating Model (i.e. self-managed funds)

  2. Analysis of governmental incentives

  3. Listing in LGX

  • Circular Consultancy

MAQIT offers end-to-end consultancy services for companies; from evaluating the current situation and circular potential to creating a circular strategy, roadmap and business model as well as project management and assistance during the implementation phase.​


  • Training & Awareness Raising​

Raising awareness around the principles and benefits of the circular economy in the business sectors, MAQIT offers customized training sessions and public speaking. Moreover, we notify and provide guidelines on the implementation of the action plan according to ESG directives and regulations.


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