Regulatory IT Advisory

Regulatory IT Advisory

We advise our customers on regulatory related IT topics:

  • Do you want to apply for an EMI, PI, Support PSF or any other financial sector license at the CSSF in Luxembourg. We assist you on the IT related parts including documentation of your architecture setup, risk management processes, IT governance IT policies and security procedures.
  • We assist you to understand and adress your IT regulatory gaps. We are performing a gap analysis regarding circulars on Cloud Computing, Risk Management, IT Outsourcing Sourcing, and directives such as GDPR. We provide in detail information on gaps, provide best practices, guidances and  an action plan, permitting you to close the gaps.
  • IT Policy writing. We have experience in writing IT policies including the BCP, DRP, Security Policy, IT Development policies and Risk Management Policies (RAR and Rapport Descriptif). We are capable as well to assist you with policy writing in other IT infrastructure and security domains.
  • We provide advisory on GDPR related topics.
  • If you are interested in setting up your IT environment in the cloud, MAQIT can assist you with the setup, contractual parts and migration project, with always a special focus on regulatory concerns.
Regulatory IT Advisory ion
Regulatory IT Advisory

MAQIT combine long year experience in Software engineering, Business Analysis and Management Consulting. MAQIT has a strong focus on IT regulatory challenges and IT infrastructure Design in the finance sector and beyond. We assist you to understand the impact, understand your gaps and help you to be compliant with CSSF regulation (Cloud Computing, Risk Management) and European directives including GDPR and NIS.

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IT Project Management ion
IT Project Management

MAQIT makes quality happen in your IT projects by providing the platform and experience to successfully implement an IT project using the SCRUM methodology. We are assisting as senior business analysts, architects and project management throughout the entire lifecycle of a project including scope definition, specification documentation, Request for Proposal, implementation governance and quality assurance. With MAQIT managing your project you will benefit to avoid common pitfalls and therefore be able to reach more easily your goals.

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Cloud Operations ion
Cloud Operations

Are you planning to move your IT to the public cloud and looking forward to benefit from an upgrade of your service quality ?

MAQIT provides deep expertise in Cloud Infrastructure setup and provide you assistance as advisors and project managers in cloud related projects including requirement documentation, infrastructure setup and project management during migration. MAQIT as well can operate your cloud.

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